Another fine procrastination lunch: salmon patty and quinoa chickpea salad with cumin/lemon/evoo dressing.

Another fine procrastination lunch: salmon patty and quinoa chickpea salad with cumin/lemon/evoo dressing.

So, usually it’s such a habit to work out every day (still jazzercise lately) that I will take a rest day after realizing that it’s been 5-6 consecutive days.


I haven’t worked out since SATURDAY! 

I’ve also been having little pity parties for myself.

Time to get to jazzercise… leaving now.

I poached salmon for lunch. Mmm it is so good that way. I didn’t even eat anything else…just a plateful of salmon.

I went to Costco to return something (a lousy $19.99 cooler that was already ripping after a couple uses), and I decided to “just go in for a case of peaches” (I can’t resist in the summer…. the Costco peaches are so good).

Well, I ended up with:

  • Wild caught salmon (poached for lunch tomorrow, then going to make some delicious salmon cakes with the leftovers)
  • Wild caught walleye (grilled tonight)
  • Avocados
  • Sliced, pre-cooked, ready to eat beef (ingredients: beef, salt, pepper)
  • Strawberries
  • Pork loin
  • And…. because I just love them… the Jimmy Dean egg white & turkey sausage english muffin breakfast sandwiches.

I felt pretty proud of that grocery haul… and even the “bad” (processed) item I got wasn’t really THAT bad, all things considered…

Nice little lunch. 2 oz turkey wrapped around 1/4 avocado (two slices). And a bowl of veggie soup with 1/2 cup pasta.

Normally I eat lots more but we’re going out to eat later so I wanted to try to skimp a little where I could…

I’m going to try to make a tahini salad dressing tonight.


Same, Toad.

I’ve seen this before… It makes me laugh/sad at the same time…


Same, Toad.

I’ve seen this before… It makes me laugh/sad at the same time…

(via hellowoodwardave)

Fresh from the garden for dinner!!

Fresh from the garden for dinner!!

This “waiting to eat lunch until you’re hungry” thing is pretty interesting! Another 2pm lunch!

Full Disclosure

Do you remember my “sober summer”?  Well it’s still going on, but I had a couple hiccups and I just wanted to tell you what they were.

Well first I should say, I am still super happy that I decided to avoid alcohol this summer, and I had a couple close calls where I really wanted an extremely large beer after a couple stressful days at work, but my husband made me feel guilty enough to temporarily hate him but also feel grateful later that I hadn’t broken down to have one, because while alcohol is indeed a quick way to decompress, I don’t need to be turning to it all the time.

Then when we were in Virginia, my husband found a summer wheat beer by Yuengling, which is a big deal for us because we love wheat beers and we love Yuengling, which you can’t get in Michigan. I was all set to have a beer until I realized the 6-pack wasn’t cold, so I told myself if I wanted one the next day, I could have one. I ended up not even having one and again relieved that I had put it off!

BUT THEN… the last day of our vacation… I had planned an “easy” hike but in reality the loop I chose was more than twice as long as I thought it was (almost 6 miles instead of 2), and where I thought it was flat, it was literally 2,000 feet down and then 2,000 feet up, and somehow this day, or in this section of the woods, the ticks were out in full force and we literally pulled at least 30 ticks off of my dog during that hike. Pretty horrible.

THEN we got back to the condo and my husband and I started fighting, it was really stupid and we got over it now.

So I guess the conditions were right for some stress drinking.

My plan for the last part of the last day of vacation was to visit one of rural Virginia’s many wineries, many of which are dog friendly!

I had actually wanted to go all week and figured I could just get a soda or something (what’s wrong with enjoying the scenery?) but my husband seemed to think it was a waste to go when I wouldn’t be drinking? (Seems dumb).

Anyway, we went, and had this lovely vista:

And, full disclosure, I had two glasses of sweet red wine and it was INCREDIBLE!

But then I also totally wanted to eat everything in sight afterwards! (But I was hyper aware of this and reigned myself in).

Then, because I was tumbling down a slippery slope, the next day, after we got home I had two of the Yuengling wheat beers, and they were also delicious, but I realized this “sober summer” is important to me and I need to get back on board before I’m totally off the wagon.


Tonight I have a business dinner with a hilarious client who is the host of a TV show in Michigan, and we just finished working on a huge project and I have full intentions to have a beer with him… because how often do you get the chance to have a beer with a hilarious TV host.

THEN I’m back on the wagon :)

Here are some more pictures from my trip…

Harper went to the White House to look for Bo!  Haha.